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1 Day Trip To Meknes From Fes

This day’s trip is a little bit different because, after taking Our breakfast at  08:00 am, we will depart from fes to Meknes. The latter was declared the capital of Morocco when Moulay Ismail was ruling it between 1672 and 1772.   The origins of this city’s name is from the  Berber tribe that was living there. This tribe’s name was “Miknassa” which is an Amazigh name that is derived from the word “Imeknasen” which mean the “fighters” in English. After visiting Meknes, we will take the road to Ifran or as it is called the Switzerland of Morocco in which we can stop for a b reak and have a cup of tea or coffee. This name is given to it because it is very clean and has beautiful natural views. After this, we will continue our trip to Azrou where you can explore the cedar forest and watch the monkeys as they play between the branches. Finally, we will hit the road back to Fes and take you to your hotel.


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