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1 Day Trip To Essaouira From Marrakech

In this special day, your journey from Essaouira to Marrakesh will start at 8:00 am after being woken by your driver. In this soul-refreshing trip, you will find yourself among the exquisite villages which you will be amused looking at. You will also be so lucky to see how the very healing, famous Argan oil is made when you will visit a small factory and see how the procedure of making this miraculous oil that is extracted from the seed of Argan trees is will discover that this procedure is not easy at it seems  especially when you will be watching women who work in this small factory working hardly to produce  a very high quality oil that is used for aesthetic matters as well as for nutrition.

Essaouira city is very famous by its medieval walls and rocky castles that were built during the colonial period. During this special day, you will be given the chance to enjoy roaming the city and take a look at these walls and castles as well as the beauty of the city’s white houses.the schedule of this day includes also taking you to the most famous places in the city in which you will enjoy the amazing structure of the lanes that were constructed by the rench and the Portuguese army when Morocco was colonized by these two countries. Essaouira is also known by its charming, clean beach and harbor that is why you will have the chance to visit them and have a scrumptious lunch there.  Essaouira is a  big city that is why you might need a tour guide to take you and be your escort however, being on your own will help you to have a better experience and enjoy the city because you will feel at ease which will be good for you.


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